Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cell Tower at Pride

This cell phone tower at Pride Elementary School was put up without prior notification to parents. It stands like a chisel in the eye of truth and a totem of deception. If Poets write about everything, then this:

The Cell Tower at Pride

It might have been after she fell
And hit her head. But she returned
In time for the show—and the farmer
Spouse who came with a towering
Knife: why wait for one-a-day?
School Board’s not wood—sawdust
Glued together—Gut schools.
Web the sky. Deceive flags and crosses.
Imitate pines. Radiate palms and pupils
Who dare to look or question the folly
Of slaying the goose for investors’ eggs
Scrambled—like children’s minds—
In RF Radiation, in principals' fibs
In a Board's uncaring--intransigence,
You say, it was after she hit her head...

© Sasenarine Persaud

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Author Event Barnes & Noble

Authors Jeff Lipkes, Sasenarine Persaud, and Mark Russo at author event on Jan 10, 2009. Barnes & Noble at Wiregrass.