Thursday, December 1, 2011


Unclosed Entrances: Selected Poems is one of the latest publications in the Guyana Classics Library. Peter Nazareth of the University of Iowa, in his fifteen-page introductory essay underlines the value of this volume to the literature of Guyana and to the literature of the Americas. In exploring Yogic Realism in this book, the poet’s term for his aesthetics, Nazareth hints at the contrasts and similarities with the magical realist writers of South America such as: Wilson Harris. The poetry in this volume spans more than two decades. Selections come from Demerary Telepathy, Between the Dash and the Comma, The Wintering Kundalini, A Surf of Sparrows’ Songs, The Hungry Sailor, A Writer Like You and In a Boston Night.

The Guyana Classics Library was launched in 2010 with the republication of Sir Walter Raleigh’s The Discoverie of Guiana, which was first published in 1595. The Classics Library is a collaboration of the University of Warwick (Caribbean Studies Centre) and the Government of Guyana and is published at the Caribbean Press (Warwick & Georgetown)

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